Monday, October 31, 2005


8 years ago now we came and visited Cambridge
as a family. Then I remember we were walking
around in Jesus College, and we were here
in Chapel Court precisely at this point
when I still remember praying to God
'God, please let me into Cambridge to
study Physics--and I promise I'll study so hard
for your glory!

And how far God has led me in his grace. TYG.

Sunday, October 23, 2005

A View from the QL rooftop

I was quite sleepy
while working in the College library
and was wondering around when I noticed the
door to the rooftop was open.

The Master's Garden.
A rare view of it indeed!

My try at an artistic shot.

I soon went back to studying
with a renewed vigour.

Jesus College 2

I am so blessed to be studying
at such a beautiful place as this.
Chapel Court--I walk through here
every day on the way to the College library.

The All Saint's Church in front
of Jesus College.
The impressive spire casts its shadow
on the College. It's a shame that
the building is in diuse.

It had to be done, right?
There was a guy with a really nice
digital camera taking photos, so
I asked him to take one of me.

The unmistakeable horse in
First Court.

A nice view into the Orchard
with the newly-refurbished
North Court.

TYG that I can be here!

Saturday, October 22, 2005

Snapshots with various people in Cambridge

With my College sister
Rachel, at Harry's Formal

With David and Dave,
after CPC morning service

With the legendary
Mr Paul Smith, at
CPC fellowship lunch

With John
'Gordon Freeman'
At the Mott Centenary Lecture
at Cavendish
given by Philip Anderson

Saturday, October 15, 2005

Jesus College

A rather symmetric shot outside
my room. The two windows
directly above my head--that's my room.

Studying harrd in the QL with Richard

Chinese State Circus

Some amazing show of
Acrobatics and Skills

Barnaby and Rachel
enjoying the show

The Harry's crew after the show.
We were all very impressed by the circus!

With Jens and Richard. Solid fun.

Patrick's 24th Birthday

Caff Soc in progress, with a
birthday Mars Bar to boot.
Chris, Alexander, Josh, and on
the other side, Patrick.

After the Tuesday Evensong.
Patrick gave a cracking
(reformed, may I say) nanosermon.

First Sunday back in Cambridge

With Shinae

With Hanbin. The brown code

Chillin Out

Chatting away till late hours in my room
with Dounan, Rehan and Chris

At Starbucks in Borders

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Back to Cambridge

First day of lectures.
Outside CMS
(Centre for Mathematical Studies)
aka Teletubbyland
with Alex, Tom, and Richard

Dounan, Chris and I
go for a stroll around the Backs.
behind is
Third Court, St John's.
So the term has begun, and with it my fourth and last year at Cambridge. Looking back on how God has led me over the last three years (the best three years!), I can only look forward in hope: May this last year be better still than the first three!

Monday, October 03, 2005

Goodbye Boston!

Saying good-bye to NCPC
Porter Square housechurch with

The lab farewell party thingy
in Maxwell-Dorkins.
Behind is the original DOS code that
Bill Gates wrote while he was here.

I thank God for leading me in the best way during my last eight weeks here in Boston. TYG!

Ice-cream after the meal (JPLicks).

(I like the way Boston has so many handmade Icecream shops.
Herrell's, JPLicks, Toscanini's, Stone Cold Creamery, etc. Big fan.)

New York City

Central Park, Uptown NYC

A dramatic shot in
Times Square
(ask someone with a fancy digicam)

On board the Chinatown bus

Ground Zero, WTC

I decided to visit the Big Apple in my last weekend here in America. I'm so glad I did. Now at last I feel I've visited the US. Leave it to New York, as they say!