Friday, November 25, 2005

Globe-Harry's Christmas Dinner

Today Globe and Harry's had a joint Christmas dinner party. About 80 international people came. Getting the Henry Martin Hall ready:

In the end there were just enough seats for everyone who came and the food was wonderful and the talk/chats great. TYG for the answers to prayes!

Shots with people with food

The first two are taken after CPC
fellowship lunch; they both involve
leftover dissert (hmm).
This one's with Mr Paul Smith.
(those with keen eyes will
remember this one from October)

Then a few weeks after, this one
with David Hamilton

Then at the Part III Physics
PhD open buffet, with a bowl of
twiglets (hmm love Marmite), with Richard

This one with Josh, after
the Globe-Harry's Christmas diner.
Someone tell me where I can get
these tubs of Cafe rolls please!

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Cambridge Market Fruit

A rather colourful addition to the blog I thought.

Harry's Second Formal in Jesus

Patrick, and the two Teletubby-attempts by Pablo and I

Sam 'Johnny Bravo' Waldock and Josh 'Josh Bailey' Bailey. init.

Week 6. Children in Need Formal Hall, with Children theme.

Fish fingers, spaghetti hoops, jelly and ice-cream and Pudsey bear cookies made for an interesting formal hall experience. All in all a great formal.

Sunday, November 13, 2005

GRE Physics in Leeds

Sam and I in King's Cross
on the way to Leeds
A *very* expensive photo! ;)

Koki, Sam and I at a very pleasant
(and cheap) Indian Restaruant
near Leeds University,
the night before the test.

Three Asians
(Japanese, Chinese and Korean)
representing the Cambridge
Physics 4th-years.
So on 11th November 2005, Sam and I
left Cambridge on a 1-night-two day
GRE trip to Leeds.

I hadn't registered for this test
so was attempting to sit the test on standby.

With no way of finding out before the morning
of the test whether I'd get to sit the test or not,
the whole trip made for quite an interesting
experience for me. I was strangely not too
worried (praise God for this grace), but
the night before the exam I woke up
in the middle of the night
and all of a sudden had a huge rush of
worry came and began to trouble my heart:
'What if there isn't any space for you?
What are you going to tell all the people
you've asked to pray for you?'
and 'What if you lose sleep now
sick with worry so that even if
you get to sit the test you'll be too tired?' etc,
the usual.
But I just came to God as I was
and asked him to
give me peace.
That I'd know that come what may
on the morning of test
I'd know it was from him, and
that that would be enough.
And then I fell asleep again.

The following morning,
God provided (I got the last paper remaining!)
and I could sit the test with God-given
wisdom and clarity of thought.

The three of us right after
the test (it was quite hard; we
all agreed on that) with 2 hours to burn
in Leeds City centre.

Behind is the second largest
covered market in Europe;
things were so cheap there.

All in all I was so encouraged by this
trip, and plus it was great to get to know
Sam a bit more, as my dear brother in Christ.


Monday, November 07, 2005

Thank you Daniel

Sporting the new hat
Daniel sent me from Seoul

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Lisa's Baptism

Lisa got baptised.
It was amazing to see God's
work in her and to hear her
wonderful testimony.

A shot with David and Alexander
after the service. We went on
to see the 5th November Fireworks
in Midsummer Commons.

at JesusFormal Hall
with Lisa's family who were
visiting from China.
They really enjoyed the
formal hall experience.

TYG for this blessing of
being able to share this Cambridge
experience with others.

Shots with People 2

With Mr Doug McCallum
after CPC. We're both
big Radiohead fans.
Although for me Kid A hits the
weirdness factor limit. ;)

A Saturday caff brunch
(a few weeks ago now)
with Chris and Robin

Wei came round from London
for a Sunday at CPC.
Great to see him again. TYG!

A recently-matricualted
PhD-in-Chemistry Korean
graduate student at Jesus.
We both sing as base
at the Korean Church

Last but not least,
with my dear brother Patrick
in First Court.

TYG for these people.

Thursday, November 03, 2005

College Porters and College cat

A cheeky shot with
Jeff the Bicycle Porter
and Grahame the Head Porter.

They are really friendly. TYG.

On the way back from washing.

Arty Shots in Cambridge

Wilberforce Road Athletics Centre,
on the way to the Cavendish

Pretty pink flowers in First Court,
again on the way to lectures

On the way back now:
The ominous UL.
(actually that's a bit harsh)

Where is this? (answers
on the back of a postcard please)

It's inside the Teletubby land, aka CMS.

I was cycling over the tithall bridge
when I just had to stop and
take a photo of this.
Cambridge is such a picture-perfect
beautiful place.
May the novelty never wear off of me;
and may I always thank God
for my 4 years in Cambridge.