Friday, December 30, 2005


Went up to see my second-cousin
Yohan hyung and his family.

Went up with Heejin nuna, who is
Yohan hyung's wife's younger sister!
(Are Koreans all related to each
other one way or other? Hmm.)

During the two-night-three-day stay
we (1) saw Miss Saigon play (great!);
(2) went up to Lake District (never lets down);
(3) went to the Trafford shopping centre.

It was a wonderful break from work.
Wonderful weather too!

Now refreshed, back to revision!

Friday, December 16, 2005

A Day trip to London

Arty shot of the Big Ben

With Jack in front of
some buildings housing
jurisdiction chambers

Grabbing a sandwich at Pret
with Ian

With Hanbin and Wei.

With half the Korean Church
student group and Ji!

Day trip to London. Originally it
was going to be just to see some of my
Old Cambridge friends who're in London.

So met up with Jack at 10:30am
in Holborn Station, and did a
tour of the jurisdiction district
of London, where we walked
down the legal strip, along the River,
then onto Westminster Station.

Said good-bye to Jack, who was
going up to Oxford for the day
to do so me pro bono work, then
met up with Ian at high noon.

He could only spare the one hour's
lunch break while at work
(at 1 Sanctuary, UK) but it was
great to see him nonetheless.

Then last but not least, met up with
Weiming at 3pm in Warren St Station.

In the evening, when we went to
the Leicester Square Chinatown,
stumbled across half the Korean
population of Cambridge! Very
good to see them all.

TYG for this wonderful
time to catch up and a welcome
break from work! Now back to QFT. ;)

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Girton Pool Crash

The 'Pool Bath' of Girton College

Just before going in to swim.
So today finally I put into action
that which I've been meaning to do for
a long while. I always knew there was
a swimming pool in Girton College.
Sometime in my third year I came upon
the idea of a 'Girton Triathlon': a group
of hardcore fitness enthusiasts (or just
up for something weird and wonderful) would
cycle up to Girton, swim in the pool a certain
number of laps, and then ideally run back town.
(the idea is then that the following day we would
do the whole cycle in reverse and retrieve our bikes)

So I cycled up north, 7am, while it was
still dark. Originally I intended to
"slip in unnoticed" and just swim and get
out, but 1 Pet 2:13. Reformed.

So I went straight to the duty porter,
one Mr Rhys Wilson, and having
introduced myself, said,

"I've cycled up here this morning
because I've heard of the fabled
Girton Swimming pool..."

"You can't go in", he interrupted.

Not a good start.

But to cut a
long story short, God worked in his
heart and he said I could use it. TYG.

A cheeky shot in the middle of the swim session.

The pool is maybe half the length of an
Olympic-size pool. The water is reasonably
clean and chlorinated, and what's more,
it's kept at a pleasant warm temperature.
I thoroughly enjoyed the swim.

They might not have got the
location right, but what they do have
in quantity and quality is stash. Jesus College
would do well to learn from them.

I bought some pencils.

On the way out, 8:30am.
(bracing myself for the long journey back?
Hey at least it's downhill this time)

All in a morning's work.

TYG for such memory-making experiences!


After our Sunday Evening Bible Study ,
the Korean Church Student Group
frequent the Chicken Restaurant
(that shamelessly brandishes the disguised
Jesus College Crest) that is Nando's. I thought
I'd post a photo (a rather funny one--it
tells a story) of an important part of
my Cambridge life.

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Tiger Awareness

So Patrick, Josh, myself and Toby
had a most wonderful impromptu
intercollegeate (jesus and tithall)
christian gathering, largely thanks to Josh
and his "two friends I hadn't seen all term".

Warming ourselves to some
hot chocolates (and lemon juice, hand-squeezed)
in the Marshall Room, and chatting away
about nothing and everthing,
We all agreed we never had such fun
in a long time.
The title 'Tiger Awareness' comes from
the story (origianlly in sanskrit)
retold in graphic detail
by our own Toby 'Ola' Hudson:
"A man travelling across a field encounters
a striped black/yellow being.
By cause of tiger awareness, he legged it."
(the above seemingly random story
captures the spirit of our gathering well)


TYG for such sweet Christian fellowship
as these (however fleeting they may be) !

Monday, December 05, 2005

Day trip to Peterborough

Peterborough city centre.
Note the spires of
the Peterborough Cathedral
in the background

Inside the Cathedral,
browsing the leaflet (reformed)

A classic timed-shot
in front of the Cathedral

Shopping centre with all
the Christmas decorations.
Dohyun hyung, Heejin nuna,
Shinae, Eunmi nuna, and Rev Yosep Kim.

The new student group exec.
May God use us to his glory!

So the old and the new exec
of the Korean Church student
group went on a day trip to

A good day out
(to an underrated city)
and overall a productive,
fun (jampo) weekend!

Friday, December 02, 2005

Shots, arty shots and Christmas trees

Now and again I go a bit
over the top and end up
with a three-course caff lunch:
soup, jacket potatoe, and a pudding.
A nice shot with the Christmas tree
that has come to define the Jesus Hall
around Christmas time.

While we're in black and white,
this sepia shot of Jesus Green:
worthy of a postcard?

A relaxed shot in front of the
King's chapel with two of my
favourite people at Korean church.

This one with Alex
after the CCCF&JF
'A Christmas Evening'
at Eden Chapel.