Friday, December 16, 2005

A Day trip to London

Arty shot of the Big Ben

With Jack in front of
some buildings housing
jurisdiction chambers

Grabbing a sandwich at Pret
with Ian

With Hanbin and Wei.

With half the Korean Church
student group and Ji!

Day trip to London. Originally it
was going to be just to see some of my
Old Cambridge friends who're in London.

So met up with Jack at 10:30am
in Holborn Station, and did a
tour of the jurisdiction district
of London, where we walked
down the legal strip, along the River,
then onto Westminster Station.

Said good-bye to Jack, who was
going up to Oxford for the day
to do so me pro bono work, then
met up with Ian at high noon.

He could only spare the one hour's
lunch break while at work
(at 1 Sanctuary, UK) but it was
great to see him nonetheless.

Then last but not least, met up with
Weiming at 3pm in Warren St Station.

In the evening, when we went to
the Leicester Square Chinatown,
stumbled across half the Korean
population of Cambridge! Very
good to see them all.

TYG for this wonderful
time to catch up and a welcome
break from work! Now back to QFT. ;)

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