Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Girton Pool Crash

The 'Pool Bath' of Girton College

Just before going in to swim.
So today finally I put into action
that which I've been meaning to do for
a long while. I always knew there was
a swimming pool in Girton College.
Sometime in my third year I came upon
the idea of a 'Girton Triathlon': a group
of hardcore fitness enthusiasts (or just
up for something weird and wonderful) would
cycle up to Girton, swim in the pool a certain
number of laps, and then ideally run back town.
(the idea is then that the following day we would
do the whole cycle in reverse and retrieve our bikes)

So I cycled up north, 7am, while it was
still dark. Originally I intended to
"slip in unnoticed" and just swim and get
out, but 1 Pet 2:13. Reformed.

So I went straight to the duty porter,
one Mr Rhys Wilson, and having
introduced myself, said,

"I've cycled up here this morning
because I've heard of the fabled
Girton Swimming pool..."

"You can't go in", he interrupted.

Not a good start.

But to cut a
long story short, God worked in his
heart and he said I could use it. TYG.

A cheeky shot in the middle of the swim session.

The pool is maybe half the length of an
Olympic-size pool. The water is reasonably
clean and chlorinated, and what's more,
it's kept at a pleasant warm temperature.
I thoroughly enjoyed the swim.

They might not have got the
location right, but what they do have
in quantity and quality is stash. Jesus College
would do well to learn from them.

I bought some pencils.

On the way out, 8:30am.
(bracing myself for the long journey back?
Hey at least it's downhill this time)

All in a morning's work.

TYG for such memory-making experiences!

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