Friday, December 02, 2005

Shots, arty shots and Christmas trees

Now and again I go a bit
over the top and end up
with a three-course caff lunch:
soup, jacket potatoe, and a pudding.
A nice shot with the Christmas tree
that has come to define the Jesus Hall
around Christmas time.

While we're in black and white,
this sepia shot of Jesus Green:
worthy of a postcard?

A relaxed shot in front of the
King's chapel with two of my
favourite people at Korean church.

This one with Alex
after the CCCF&JF
'A Christmas Evening'
at Eden Chapel.

1 comment:

Dounan said...

Wow Joseph, you're an inspirations for laggards everywhere to get off their tushies and do something exciting and different. Carpe Diem!