Saturday, December 10, 2005

Tiger Awareness

So Patrick, Josh, myself and Toby
had a most wonderful impromptu
intercollegeate (jesus and tithall)
christian gathering, largely thanks to Josh
and his "two friends I hadn't seen all term".

Warming ourselves to some
hot chocolates (and lemon juice, hand-squeezed)
in the Marshall Room, and chatting away
about nothing and everthing,
We all agreed we never had such fun
in a long time.
The title 'Tiger Awareness' comes from
the story (origianlly in sanskrit)
retold in graphic detail
by our own Toby 'Ola' Hudson:
"A man travelling across a field encounters
a striped black/yellow being.
By cause of tiger awareness, he legged it."
(the above seemingly random story
captures the spirit of our gathering well)


TYG for such sweet Christian fellowship
as these (however fleeting they may be) !

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