Friday, December 22, 2006

Catchup 2

Recital at Sprague Hall

Kyungwon's Birthday party at Kudeta's
Teaching Sunday school
Playing Scrabble
At the end of the marathon 9am-4pm
twelve back-to-back presentations of
Course Project with Prof. Michel Devoret.
Mine was first, and was on the
"Fluctuations of the Vacuum Spacetime Metric"

Finally! My first term at Yale is officially over
(I was grading till midnight last night!)

I thank God. It finished with a bang (thankfully
not in the literal sense) with me staying up till 3am
to prepare for my Presentation the next morning
(and thanks be to God that I finally understood
the subject at 1am! Yet another answer to prayer)

My parents are coming to America.
Will join them in JFK and tour the East Coast with them a bit,
and then might join them for a cheeky tour of the West Coast.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006


Group-studying for the Finals with
Carl, Michael, and Peter.

First snow!
(7am, Friday 8th December)
Hot dog with Dounan in Manhattan
(over Thanksgiving break)

Oh Dear it's been so long.
I'll update properly once my finals are over.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Such a gem

With the Sunday School kids after church service.
I asked Eric (the one on the right) if I could
pose for a photo holding his gameboy advance sp.
For the record, the gameboy
*was turned off*. ;) A gem of a photo though.
I started teaching the 3rd and 4th graders
at Sunday School. Going through Genesis.
It's a joy to be teaching these lovely kids,
and I thank God for this opportunity.
Although, they do have an attention span of less
than a minute..

Friday, October 27, 2006

The Citations @ The Mory's

Afterwards. Note the Tithall Scarf.

Before. With Chris, in front of the Mory's.

With Molly and Lauren, at the 'A Cappella' Table.
The deal is that Mory's feeds us (3 course meal), and
between each course we sing for the others in the restaurant.

The famous 'Mory's Cup', where we pass around
a trophy cup of mixed alcohol and drink from
it in turn. Of course I opted out of this, but
they kindly allowed this cheeky photo-shot with it. ;)

It was while singing 'Scarbourough Fair'
in the upstairs room to a group of Old Yalies
when it suddendly struck me that at that moment
one of my dreams (of becoming a part of an American
School A Cappella and performing with them) was being
realised. I nearly cried. TYG!

And what's special is that I was able
to share this with the group afterwards.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006


(thought I'd break from the 'big face shots in yer face' pattern a bit. A wee warning: this ain't your typical 'tyg' light reading)

Ivan Klima, a Czech writer and a native of Prague, on Hope:
Hope is always connected with the future. It is the capacity of a person to imagine himself in a situation different from the one he finds himself in. What, therefore, can be more human than hope?

Death too is connected with the future. And what can be more antithetical to hope than death? In this light, hope can be seen as a vain attempt by man to avoid an awareness of the end, as temporality resisting timelessness, as a desperate attempt to drown out the silence of the universe.

Because death appears to be the only absolute in human life, all hope is relative, an illusion that helps man make it to the gallows.

Looked at absolutely, true hope can only be offered to man by someone able to invest that final necessity with hope, by someone capable of guiding man through the valley of the shadow of death.

And just who, I hear some of you ask, is this 'someone'? The favourite Sunday School answer, complete with the exclamation mark, once again comes to the rescue here.

I listened (for the fifth time?) to the sermon by Jonathan Lamb, 'Reasons for Rejoicing' on 1 Peter 1:3-12. It was a sermon I first heard at the 2002-3 CICCU Houseparty. If you go to the website, you can search for the talk (serial number 'C03BT1'), or for that matter many other great talks on all kind of subjects, and download it for free.

God sent me to Yale for a reason. And listening to that sermon I could see a little more clearly what that might mean for me today, this week, and for the rest of my days this side of glory.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

The Citations

(No, we're not a bunch of homeless people..)
A break during a rehearsal.

The Citations--Yale's only mixed
A cappella group for the graduate school community.
We meet for pracise for two hours on Tuesday evenings.

But lately I haven't really been enjoying it..
the songs are not to my taste,
(a Beatles song done a cappella? Hello?!)
and I know that I'm the weakest link in the group..
(well, they did make the mistake of picking me..)
plus I find it hard to learn all the lyrics.

But today it was much better. I like Paper Moon.
(More like the typical campus a cappella song)
We're performing at Mory's a week today.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

THE Group

Jihye, Soomin, Sunmi, Jangwon, and Hyunchul

So 'THE Group' '더조' had our first meeting.

A small group of the New Haven Korean Church
Young Adult Group.

Looking forward to how God will lead us!
Cue lots of memory-making experiences! Exciting.

Friday, October 06, 2006

A capella, TA'ing, and Bargain huntin'

With Andre, fellow bass in
the Yale Citations, the mixed A Capella.
A cheeky Thai meal with the group after rehearsal.

I always wanted to sing in an American School
A Capella group. TYG!

Grading the General Physics 150a
Midterm papers with Avanthi.

Alec looking properly Russkian
with that hat on, in Urban Outfitters.

Today they had this 'Broadway Avenue
College Night' where all the shops
on Broadway Ave had a huge sale on.

Alec and I thought we'd check it out.
We didn't get anything as the queue
(that would be the 'line') was so long.

Just capturing little snippets of my everyday life!

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

dig, v.
6. c. slang (orig. U.S.). (a) To understand, appreciate, like, admire; (b) to look at or listen to; to experience. Cf. sense 1c.
(from Oxford English Dictionary Second Edition © 1989 OUP)

The other day a professor,
in the middle of his presentation
on the current research topics in Cosmology,
stopped for a second and asked,

"You guys dig stars, right?"

None of us knew what to say to that.

It was one of those moments
of paradigm-shifting significance.

(I still remember back in 1996 when
I was watching the TV and witnessed Björk
give her famous awards speech:
'Grateful grapefruit.')

I love Americanim sometimes.

So the question is: do I dig stars? In an ideal world,
would I be willing to spend 4-6 years on
Dark Matter and Dark Energy? ;)

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Return of the big face shots

This selfshot with Hwan-young hyung,
one of my favourite hyungs this side of the Atlantic by far ;)

At the end of a long and a blessed Sunday!

Sunday, October 01, 2006


A timed-shot with
Hyunchul hyung, Sukjin hyung, and Jiwon nuna.

This could definitely make an album cover;
A Coldplay-esque Korean quartet?!

Or an Asian take on the Friends?
(wait, that's been done already with 남셋여셋..)

It was my first time to the New Haven IKEA store;
I didn't know it could be so much fun!

A winning place to be on a Saturday afternoon.
Thank you Sukjin hyung for the ride!

As well as taking some timed shots with my digicam,
we also bought some furniture at the store--
two trolley-full of them, in fact.

I bought some much-needed chairs and lamps,
(see gimchi blue for a cheeky shot of results)
and also a soap box.

TYG for a really wonderful memory-making time
in the most unlikely places!

Saturday, September 30, 2006

Icecreams and Concerts

A cheeky shot with the conductor
Mr Shinik Hahm after the Yale Philharmonia
Concert in Schubert Hall.

One of the many benefits of having
Yale School of Music, I guess!

Hyunchul, Cheon-kang, and Sooho hyung,
among the dozen who came to celebrate
my passing of Qualifying Exam, over some Ashley's
'best-ice-cream-in-Connecticut' Ice cream.
The paper-crown courtesy of Miss Sooan Choi. Thanks!

TYG for this amazing grace
(I really thought I would fail!), and for
the memory-making events!!

One thing I noticed though, was how
a lot of what I do and say here affects
the people's view of Cambridge. Scary? Yes.

It's one-up for the light blues so far.
Please God, give me grace!

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Manifolds and GR

It's hard as nails to learn new concepts
but it's fun. It's what I came here for.

The blackboard (found everywhere
in the Physics department building) is a winning idea.

"Combine curiosity with
intellectual independence." Amartya Sen

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Blair Fame

He looks even younger than I do.
And that's saying something.

I'd heard about Euan coming here
for a Masters in International Relations,
but it was still cool to meet him in person.

I asked him if I could have a foto taken
with him, saying 'my mum would love it so much.'
He was cool with that.

As can be judged from his Liverpool shirt,
Euan's a keen footballer, and he's already
formed a departmental football team.
The name he chose for the team?
'The Pre-emptive Strikers"

Tuesday, September 19, 2006


American-style group workage
in the McDougal centre, with Aaron.

It's good! We discuss any problems or
difficulties we had, compare answers, and
be each other's sounding board. A win-win.

TYG for new friends and
new memory-making experiences!

Thursday, September 14, 2006


At the end of a 'I love New Haven' tour
organised by the Unversity and the City people,
capturing the ecstasy (mostly on my part)
of winning a $50-voucher to J. Crew
(a really posh clothing store)
at a random prize-draw.
I (quite literally) went on to purchase
the headware. The timing was perfect too--
I was just looking for a hat to buy earlier that day.


(Please don't hate me too much
for doing this: I need to do this for the new
profile photo. But why bother changing
the profile photo? I hear you ask..)

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Yale Law School

In the Yale Law School, which is
right next to where I live, I found the
ultimate Trinity College of Yale.
In fact, in some ways it's even more impressive here:
Just check out the tropical fish tank, found in a
study room on the basement floor.

The whole compound,
at five storeys high and three underground, has
the architectural scale of a King's College Chapel,
the extensive collection of a University Library,
and a pervading sense of opulence that, I daresay,
may exceed that of Trinity College.

Now that's saying something.

It's where Bill met Hilary,
and Gerald Ford also went through here.
Lee 'The Case for Christ' Strobel is also a YLS graduate.

But most of all, it's a great place to come and study.
I guess I found my Creswick here.


(if much of what I wrote above doesn't
make any sense to you, don't worry too much:
there were lots of references to all things Cantab.
But you get the general idea.)

Saturday, September 09, 2006

First weeks at Yale

Working out at the Payne Whitney Gym
which is right next to where I live.
Hyunchul lives right next door to me.

The day I got the MacBook from Physics
Dept. ;) TYG

The Korean Table (well except
for Kyohei from Japan next to me)
on the Int Orientation day

With Myunhwa (yes, she's
Chinhwa's older sister!)
after the service at Trinity Baptist.

The senior pastor (as they call them here)
was a past CICCU president, Josh Moody.
Solid church. Reminded me of HTC.

The first weeks at Yale--and how
they've flown!

From London to USA

6am, on 21st August 2006,
ready to hit the road
all the way to America.

Thank you Shinyoung for letting
me use your room!

Arty shot of the London Eye.

At Clown's Cafe with Dan and Shinae.
The cheeky day-trip up to Cambridge
was blessed with many meetings and
a prayer meeting with the Open cnb.

Memories of Korea

With Inkwon, and Ellim, at
Joonang University. We spent an afternoon
there armed with the Four Spiritual Laws
gospel tracts, taking it to the streets.
Although we didn't have any converts,
it was a very fruitful time nonetheless.

We also met the CCC president of the university
(he was one of our victims), and he bought
us a drink and gave us some more newer tracts.


The forest of high-raised residential buildings
of Bundang--and a sight that has become
the norm in urban Korea.
From one of our relative's flat window--
she lives on the 18th floor. Dude.

With IJ, Jahyun, IK and Daniel.
In a Gangnam bunshikjum.
Delicious gimbab and ddukbokki
to end the day.

Taken in front of grandad's grave, with dad.
In Korea, once or twice a year we have Bulcho
where families travel down to their family
cemetry and cut the grass. I hadn't done this in years,
so it was good to catch up with relatives.

The famous Park-fives.
These are by far my wackiest cousins ;)
Shi-won, Hae-eun, Ga-ro, Se-ro and Youngchang.

It was so~ good to see them. TYG.

Family Shots on Jeju Island

Riding the famous Jeju horses
(we got to taste some of them that night too)

On Woo Island. This was
a good trek up a scenic hill;
there was a lighthouse on top of it.

Beach shot (always the best, if you ask me) here we are. It's taken me a while to update
the blog, but from now on I'll make more of an effort.

The two-night-three-days at Jeju was short,
but a much needed and appreciated family-time.

Again 2018~ TYG!

Monday, August 07, 2006

Shots of Seoul

With some guy from the
Church here. At a bakery cafe

On the way up Mount Ahn (Ahn-san)
after early morning prayer

At Co-Ex with Sunyoung,
Inkwon, and Injoon. We saw
this Korean-godzilla film together

Before worship service
at Yonhee Church with Daniel

It's good to see Hongsoo again.