Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Weekend Retreat with Korean Church Student Group

Taken by Rev Yosep Kim
Outside the Houghton Chapel Retreat

Friday 27th till Sunday 29th
The Cambridge Open Church
Student Group
went on a weekend away.

We looked at Exodus 3
(Take off your sandals)
and John 21.
(Throw your nets on the right side)

A blessed time of much prayer
and studying God's Word.


Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Shots with People 4

With Rebekah, and Richard
and Matt. Cavendish Tea Area.
Taken by our own Mr Harry Druiff. Banter.
With Jens and Mark, in Mark's room.
Stimulating conversation about
numerical modelling of a riverbed,
quantum entanglement, and the
supremacy of geometrical algebra.
I'll stop right there.

With some Korean
Postgrad crew, CMS tea room.

The Korean church
exec meets at Shinae's room.

Part III Project start

A cheeky shot in the
cold room with Dr Thierry
'Sincerely' Ferrus. In front is the
dilution refrigerator (aka dilfridge)

"Pulse Sequence Development for
Quantum Computing using Silicon
Double Quantum Dots"

The title is indeed very grand, but
in actuality all I have to do is some
computer programming to design
and implement some pulses and try
(this is the key word: try) to analyse
the resulting data with a view to
future Quantum Information developments.

I feel extremely inadequate and
often things just go over my head.

God grant me much wisdom! Amen.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

January Exams

Working harrd in the Creswick
with Alex and Steve, a week
before the exams. Banter.

So yesterday I sat the last of my
January exams. People around me
ask why I have exams in January,
and sometimes I ask the same question,
but yeah. Fourth year physics.

TYG. Now they're over. And I finished
on a good note, what with the last paper
(Concepts in Theoretical Physics) being
the best of three. I've never been so glad
to have finished a group of exams!