Thursday, January 19, 2006

January Exams

Working harrd in the Creswick
with Alex and Steve, a week
before the exams. Banter.

So yesterday I sat the last of my
January exams. People around me
ask why I have exams in January,
and sometimes I ask the same question,
but yeah. Fourth year physics.

TYG. Now they're over. And I finished
on a good note, what with the last paper
(Concepts in Theoretical Physics) being
the best of three. I've never been so glad
to have finished a group of exams!


David said...

Hey. Well done on finishing exams. Glad they went well. See you tomorrow.

Dounan said...

congratulations on finishing your exams Joseph. Your picture of working in the library is inspiring me to work hard to so I won't fall behind. Good luck on the rest of the year!