Friday, March 31, 2006

With Patrick

Patrick and I
and our bicycles
at the UL bicycle racks

As always, it was a joy to bump
into Patrick, (albeit in the middle of the
University Library Bicycle park)

Patrick: 'What wonderful weather.'
Joseph: 'Yeah. Would you like a foto of us taken?
I can ask that random over there.'
Patrick: 'You read my mind.'
Joseph: 'This one's for the TYG front page!'
Patrick: 'Centred and large.'

Thursday, March 30, 2006

CUKS Football

With the fellow Korean
practice-mates in Parker's Piece.

It's typical isn't it. I receive
CUKS emails advertising Wednesday
practices for close to four years, and not actually go.
The one time I do go, I take my trusty weapon
of a digital powershot SD400, get a group photo
with me in it, and say I 'did CUKS Football'.

I had a great time. It was right after
I finally came to a decision about
whether to stay or go to America.
(In the end I opted for America.
It was such a harrd decision.)

TYG for these wonderful memories
of Cambridge!

Monday, March 27, 2006

Video Night at Jens'

Tom, Jose (whom I met for the first time),
Jens, Alex, Julie, and Rebecca, and of course
me and Richard in the front. Reformed.

We saw The Interpreter.
It was a good movie,
but not in the 'spiffingly
see-it-again-and-again good' way.
A very appropriate choice,
since Daniel starts his
three-month Interpreting Officer training
that very day in Pyongtaek, Korea.

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Trinity Shot

Taken by Shinae

Need I say more?

The jogging crew

Me, Jimmy, Hanbin
and Taejoon in the
St John's Backs

The Great Court

Monday, Wednesday and Friday
at 7.30am a group of us meet
in front of St John's to go for a
short run through the Backs
Colleges (St John's, Kings,
Clare and Trinity). On the way back
I run through Sidney Sussex and
back to Jesus, forming the Six College
running course).

I am so thankful for such a wonderful
running course (running into the shadow
of King's College Chapel in the crisp of the
morning has got to be one of them TYG moments)
and also for these trusty running buddys,
two from Trinity, two from Christ's, and
two from Jesus.

The race is on.


Saturday Working Hard

Imitating the statue in
Quincentennary Library

On the second floor with the
medic's aid skeleton

Working hard in the Creswick Room

Spin Ice
(my possible PhD project,
should I choose to remain
in Cambridge)--I couldn't visulise
the 3d structure, so I built a model out of
A4 sheet, a ruler, two pencils
and some good ol' cellotape.
With many thanks to Jinwoo!

So Jinwoo joined me on Friday night
to spend some quality few days
in the library working hard. He is
revising for his IELTS.

I'm still not sure. Here or America?
Yale or Cambridge?

Give me wisdom God!

Friday, March 24, 2006

Blowing up balloons

Thursday 23rd March 2006.
Mark's surprise birthday party
in Ruth's room in Emma.

Blew up about 8 extra-large
metallic balloons. The best part
was to then rub 'em against my
trusty 'extra-rough' hair
and stick 'em up on the walls
(most of them stayed up all evening).

Tuesday 21st March 2006.
Shinae's shock birthday party
in Inkwon's kitchen in Jesus.

Blew up about 40
multi-coloured balloons. These were
held up using tape.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

On the Sunday 19th March 2006

With Richard, Chris, and David in Nando's.
Celebrating Chris' 25th birthday with
various people from HT, Rev, Harry's and others.

With the cnb people after bible study
at the Crown Plaza Hotel coffee thingy.
Very nice.

It was all straight after the holiday weekend.
I was a bit tired.

But it was great to see these people.

Monday, March 20, 2006

Harry's Holiday Weekend 2006

A timed group photo shot.
Taken at a really cool adventure
playground centre (free of charge!)

Another group photo
(our many attempts at a timed
one failed miserably)
at the half-built random house
in the middle of the countryside
(sorry I forgot its name)
We had hours of fun in this building,
as can be seen below.

Just one of many shots
taken inside the building.
Tomb Raider anyone?

With Tim and Rachel in the middle
of the first Act of Harry's Play.
The play was a great success,
telling the story of the bible in five acts.
Liz Jeggo (yes!) and Chris Rice
climbing and jumping the gate,
Yonder on the right hand side is
the main lodge where we had
all the meetings.

With Ko, and Chris,
on some random thrones in the
same playground thingy.

( A bit back to front but) just before
we left Cambridge for the weekend.

With Tiffany, Ko, Andy, Jennifer, Yi
Ikumi, Benjamin and Soojung.

The gospel was preached
faithfully, and people not only
had a fun time together
(playing games, football, going for walks,
'burning' it down the hill on Josh's skateboard)
but were all challenged by the
truth of the gospel.

Naomi the chef and David Parry
the sous-chef (yes! finally I got to use the word)
did a wonderful job. Thank you guys!

Praise God for this, and
pray for much followup.

Monday, March 13, 2006

CUKS Music Night!

Afterwards, with Shinae.
The Pink Panther was a success,
thanks to Shinae's sightreading skills
(we started the practise the night before)

Shinyoung, Inkwon, and Chansol
The Unknown Band
(aka HUZ Band) Crew minus Hyesun and IJ.

By far the hilight of the evening, they
played some scrumptuously rocking tunes.
Everyone was humming Shinyoung's base solos
to the Muse song afterwards.

What with Shinyoung picking up (literally)
the base guitar 3 weeks ago, and IJ the drums
around the same time,
A true testimony to just how fa a little
dedication and lots of practise can take you.

Well done boys--I'm so proud of you!

The Jesus Trio.
Minjae is a first year medic.

A cheeky shot with the Christ's
College boys, Taeyang, Hanbin and
(JIMMY!) Jiyeol.

The night was very much a duel
between Jesus College and Christ's
College. I think in the end we drew
at five all, but the IK factor means
we have the victory this time. ;)

A truly memory-making evening.


Alexander, Tiffany and Josh

A classic timed shot
in Josh's house kitchen.

We had some awesome time~
chilling out to Neil Young's
whiny (!) but great tunes
A late (by two hours!!) breakfast
in my room. A very salubrious one too!

In the newly-built
Cripps Court of Magdalene.
A well impressive complex.
(Magdalene just went up two notches
on my college hierarchy)

We saw a rather silly (but also
very impressive) musical, called
'Grasps of Love'.. no, actually, it was
just plain silly.

It was so great to see Alexander and
Tiffany again. And always good
to spend some chill time with Josh too.


Surprise Birthday Party!

Trinity JCR #7 (probably)
With friends form Korean Church
and Korean Prayer Group

With da boyz,
Chansol, Jinwoo and IJ.
Sporting my birthday
present. Awesome!

Ditch the mint green.

I had a great time.
It was so moving.

TYG for these moments!

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

After morning service

playing Jenga
With Shola and Evans in my room
after Jesus Sunday Caff lunch

It was a great time of
fellowship and also some great
Caffage (as always at
Sunday lunchtimes). As Evans says,
"Jesus College food is good food."

We used to do this a lot more
when Daniel was around.

I guess it takes two to start a crowd
(ok Joseph what do you mean
by that mean exactly?)

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Visiting Chris

Outside The Wateringbury.
It was a cold day.

Just about to have
delicious desert (mint choc chip anyone?).

The pub exceeded all of our
expectations with its
spacious well decorated interior
and top-notch food. We now know
where to come the next time we come
anywhere near Maidstone

A cheeky shot outdoors.

A short but memory-making time.

It was splendid (awesome!) to visit and see
Chris. The drive down to find the place
made for quite an adventure
but I think we'd all agree
that it was worth it in the end.

Hope to see you soon.