Monday, March 13, 2006

CUKS Music Night!

Afterwards, with Shinae.
The Pink Panther was a success,
thanks to Shinae's sightreading skills
(we started the practise the night before)

Shinyoung, Inkwon, and Chansol
The Unknown Band
(aka HUZ Band) Crew minus Hyesun and IJ.

By far the hilight of the evening, they
played some scrumptuously rocking tunes.
Everyone was humming Shinyoung's base solos
to the Muse song afterwards.

What with Shinyoung picking up (literally)
the base guitar 3 weeks ago, and IJ the drums
around the same time,
A true testimony to just how fa a little
dedication and lots of practise can take you.

Well done boys--I'm so proud of you!

The Jesus Trio.
Minjae is a first year medic.

A cheeky shot with the Christ's
College boys, Taeyang, Hanbin and
(JIMMY!) Jiyeol.

The night was very much a duel
between Jesus College and Christ's
College. I think in the end we drew
at five all, but the IK factor means
we have the victory this time. ;)

A truly memory-making evening.


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