Monday, March 20, 2006

Harry's Holiday Weekend 2006

A timed group photo shot.
Taken at a really cool adventure
playground centre (free of charge!)

Another group photo
(our many attempts at a timed
one failed miserably)
at the half-built random house
in the middle of the countryside
(sorry I forgot its name)
We had hours of fun in this building,
as can be seen below.

Just one of many shots
taken inside the building.
Tomb Raider anyone?

With Tim and Rachel in the middle
of the first Act of Harry's Play.
The play was a great success,
telling the story of the bible in five acts.
Liz Jeggo (yes!) and Chris Rice
climbing and jumping the gate,
Yonder on the right hand side is
the main lodge where we had
all the meetings.

With Ko, and Chris,
on some random thrones in the
same playground thingy.

( A bit back to front but) just before
we left Cambridge for the weekend.

With Tiffany, Ko, Andy, Jennifer, Yi
Ikumi, Benjamin and Soojung.

The gospel was preached
faithfully, and people not only
had a fun time together
(playing games, football, going for walks,
'burning' it down the hill on Josh's skateboard)
but were all challenged by the
truth of the gospel.

Naomi the chef and David Parry
the sous-chef (yes! finally I got to use the word)
did a wonderful job. Thank you guys!

Praise God for this, and
pray for much followup.

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