Saturday, March 25, 2006

Saturday Working Hard

Imitating the statue in
Quincentennary Library

On the second floor with the
medic's aid skeleton

Working hard in the Creswick Room

Spin Ice
(my possible PhD project,
should I choose to remain
in Cambridge)--I couldn't visulise
the 3d structure, so I built a model out of
A4 sheet, a ruler, two pencils
and some good ol' cellotape.
With many thanks to Jinwoo!

So Jinwoo joined me on Friday night
to spend some quality few days
in the library working hard. He is
revising for his IELTS.

I'm still not sure. Here or America?
Yale or Cambridge?

Give me wisdom God!


god said...

dear joseph
i think you should go to West Bromwich
your heavenly father,

Joseph said...

Okay who's the cheeky one here? It's not funny. And where's West Bromwich anyways?


Is that you?