Monday, May 29, 2006


A reformed pizza lunch with Evans.
We had a good Christian chat, encouraging
one another in Christ. TYG for Evans!

The matching look with Jinwoo
after the Korean Church service

The completers of the Discipleship Training
at the Minister's House.

The Discipleship Training was such
a blessing. The tasks set include
* Keep a record of our time usage
* Setting a priority on work for God over our own
* Scripture memorisation
* regular Quiet Times (keep notes)
* Reading PDL and writing a report
* Telling the gospel to at least one person a week
* Conduct meeting with other brothers and sisters,
meeting for their encouragement
* leading a small group bible study discussion
* praying regularly and keeping a prayer diary.

All reformed, and really should
be in the daily routines of every Christian.

I am so thankful for this wonderful blessing
at the end of my Cambridge four years.

Saturday, May 27, 2006

La derniere classe

Me and Rich listening attentively to
Gareth's hand-waving explanation
of how to do 'the impossible 2005 question'
For the record, not even Prof. D. A. Ritchie could
solve the problem (albeit on his feet).

The big shots in the world of 2002-2006 class
Physics in their last examples class. (sorry!)
Where will we be in the next 10 years' time? ;)

Mes enfants, c'est la dernière fois que je vous fais la classe.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Prayer Triplet Social

The long-awaited (3-and-a-half years)
Prayer Triplet Social with Gordon and Andy!
Each with a plateful of delicious

We had the chocolate fudge cake afterwards.

Who would've thought that
such sweet fellowship was at all possible
between a Evolution-believing Roman Catholic,
Vision-seeing-tongue-speaking Armenian Charismatic,
and a reformed Korean Presbyterian! ;)

All united under the gospel of
our Lord Jesus Christ,
and a desire to see God's message
spread throughout Jesus College.
And so we began the weekly prayer triplet
since the beginning of our first year.

And how far God has led each of us!

I thank God so much for tonight, because
I've always been wanting to do something
like this for my dear brothers
Andy and Gordon.

This week I've now fed okonomiyaki:
to the cnb crew on Monday,
to Taejoon hyung on Wednesday, and
to Andy and Gordon today.
(plus I had some leftover on the Tuesday.)

And I'm still not sick of it. It's that good. ;)

Thank you Koji! TYG!

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Playing tennis with Richard

No, we weren't playing any game of doubles
against any girls. A pose-shot afterwards.

The new courts by North Court are, well, almost too clinical.
(We miss the fun on the bumpy grass courts.)
But no, really, it's really good. We are so blessed
to have these courts right next to us.

And Richard and I are so evenly-matched!
Great fun indeed (so far it's a 2 sets to 1 lead to me,
with the last set won over Tie-breaker)

TYG for the wonderful times!

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Trying to emulate Bomi's effortless
apple-breaking. (In the end only I
succeeded, and that only with the help
of a knife-job) These were not ripe enough.

A cheeky big-face shot (as big as they come,
and the bigger the better, I say!) with Matt.
Gonna miss you Matt.

With Inkwon, Eunhye nuna, and Shin,
in Marshall room,
a random late-nite chattage over a can of coke.

The Jesus Part-III Massive,
with Alex, Rich and Tom, in the Examples Class.
Not a lot of work got done, but we had a good laugh.

Self-shot with Patrick and Samo.
Sunday Carvery lunch at Hall after Fran's
baptism service. Quality.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Life before and after project

This shot with Samo
on the Friday (the day after the all-nighter)

The AJC have a cooked-up breakfast
in Christ's College Hall with
Jiyeol (our host), Inkwon, and Taeyang (co-host)
on the Saturday morning

This outside the fruit stall in the
market (with the paper-bag full of kiwis. hmm)
right after I handed in the project on Monday. TYG!

A cheeky drive (courtesy of Rev. Kim) to
Ely (my first time!) and this timed-shot on Saturday.
A rather random trip.

In Malcolm Street, on the Thursday,
sporting the multi-coloured polo shirt
given by Chando hyung.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Ambitious Jogging Club

Coming out of St John's back gate
with Chando hyung, Taejoon and Jiyeol
(the rest of the crew are obscured)

Chando hyung, Inkwon, TJ, and Jiyeol
on Trinity Bridge. It's a shame
Hanbin and Jahyun couldn't join us for this photo

Just about to start running. 7.15am.
Waiting for Inkwon. (but not for long!)

Today a record number of runners came:

Hanbin and Jiyeol from Christ's,
Chando hyung and Taejoon from Trinity,
Inkwon and myself from Jesus,
and of course, our honorary member
Jahyun from Magdalene.

We run.

We keep fit.

We take foto.

(then starts the day of revision and studies)

TYG for the wonderful times.

Monday, May 08, 2006

Cambridge-Oxford Sports Day (Ocpojun)

Big face shot with Hyungchul and another
footballer, after the match. Enjoying the bbq.

With Hanbin and Shinae,
taken by Juhae

The victorious Cambridge side
just before kick-off.

3-0 to Cambridge. Awesome result,
especially seeing as an 'officical score' for a
'forfeited match' is 3-0 in paper.
(he who has an ear to hear, let him hear.)

God answered our prayers this day,
and there was no rain for duration of the event.

My last ocpojun in Cambridge.

Sunday, May 07, 2006


On the way to the cinema with
the student group to see MI3
(best of the three, I thought)

Learning to blow the whistle
with finger (suck, not blow) with Eunhye nuna,
with an attitude (and an ipod)

On the way to the cinema with
the student group to see MI3
(best of the three, I thought)

Yet another memorymaking
experience. TYG!

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Metting with People

Rachel, Mary, Rachel, Ruth, and Jonathan
The WEPG (World Evangelism Prayer Groups)
leaders of Cambridge get together in Rachel's Room!

Rachel is in charge of the coordination (CICCU officer)
Mary does the East Asia one
Rachel does the India one
Ruth the France one
and Jonathan does the Middle East.

Also in the meeting (but not in the photo)
were Jonathan (Wycliffe Bible Translators)
and Steve (Russia)

God, send down a Spirit of Prayer to
your people in Cambridge!

With Ajul in my room.
We had a grapefruit together, among
other things.

TYG for these memorymaking times