Thursday, May 11, 2006

Ambitious Jogging Club

Coming out of St John's back gate
with Chando hyung, Taejoon and Jiyeol
(the rest of the crew are obscured)

Chando hyung, Inkwon, TJ, and Jiyeol
on Trinity Bridge. It's a shame
Hanbin and Jahyun couldn't join us for this photo

Just about to start running. 7.15am.
Waiting for Inkwon. (but not for long!)

Today a record number of runners came:

Hanbin and Jiyeol from Christ's,
Chando hyung and Taejoon from Trinity,
Inkwon and myself from Jesus,
and of course, our honorary member
Jahyun from Magdalene.

We run.

We keep fit.

We take foto.

(then starts the day of revision and studies)

TYG for the wonderful times.

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