Thursday, May 25, 2006

Prayer Triplet Social

The long-awaited (3-and-a-half years)
Prayer Triplet Social with Gordon and Andy!
Each with a plateful of delicious

We had the chocolate fudge cake afterwards.

Who would've thought that
such sweet fellowship was at all possible
between a Evolution-believing Roman Catholic,
Vision-seeing-tongue-speaking Armenian Charismatic,
and a reformed Korean Presbyterian! ;)

All united under the gospel of
our Lord Jesus Christ,
and a desire to see God's message
spread throughout Jesus College.
And so we began the weekly prayer triplet
since the beginning of our first year.

And how far God has led each of us!

I thank God so much for tonight, because
I've always been wanting to do something
like this for my dear brothers
Andy and Gordon.

This week I've now fed okonomiyaki:
to the cnb crew on Monday,
to Taejoon hyung on Wednesday, and
to Andy and Gordon today.
(plus I had some leftover on the Tuesday.)

And I'm still not sick of it. It's that good. ;)

Thank you Koji! TYG!

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