Sunday, May 21, 2006

Trying to emulate Bomi's effortless
apple-breaking. (In the end only I
succeeded, and that only with the help
of a knife-job) These were not ripe enough.

A cheeky big-face shot (as big as they come,
and the bigger the better, I say!) with Matt.
Gonna miss you Matt.

With Inkwon, Eunhye nuna, and Shin,
in Marshall room,
a random late-nite chattage over a can of coke.

The Jesus Part-III Massive,
with Alex, Rich and Tom, in the Examples Class.
Not a lot of work got done, but we had a good laugh.

Self-shot with Patrick and Samo.
Sunday Carvery lunch at Hall after Fran's
baptism service. Quality.

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