Monday, May 29, 2006


A reformed pizza lunch with Evans.
We had a good Christian chat, encouraging
one another in Christ. TYG for Evans!

The matching look with Jinwoo
after the Korean Church service

The completers of the Discipleship Training
at the Minister's House.

The Discipleship Training was such
a blessing. The tasks set include
* Keep a record of our time usage
* Setting a priority on work for God over our own
* Scripture memorisation
* regular Quiet Times (keep notes)
* Reading PDL and writing a report
* Telling the gospel to at least one person a week
* Conduct meeting with other brothers and sisters,
meeting for their encouragement
* leading a small group bible study discussion
* praying regularly and keeping a prayer diary.

All reformed, and really should
be in the daily routines of every Christian.

I am so thankful for this wonderful blessing
at the end of my Cambridge four years.

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