Thursday, June 22, 2006

Trinity Ball

Shinae and myself in Great Court,
queuing up for the Big Ball.
Sporting the rather 'egg-cellently
or even gallinaceously hen-some'
Jesus College Rooster's Bow-tie.
(Lovin' it. You know I am.)

Thank you Chando hyung for the tux!

With Shinae's parents who were
also there, enjoying the delicious Thai Food

Givin' it big at the 'Jazz' marquee
to the music of KaiserSix.

Thanks to Shinae, I picked up my
dance mojo again and it was amazing.

At the survivor's photo at 5:50am

Another survivor's photo with Inkwon
and Jinwoo who were at the Jesus May Ball
and also came straight to Early Morning prayer. ;)

Finally: My goal in the four years in Cambridge
(to go to Trinity Ball, that is) accomplished! TYG!

An amazing time. A night to be remembered
in the years to come.

Go Corea

The Korean Church student group
Red devils descend on Jesus TV room
for the Korea-France match.
We moved to the Picken Room at half
time and supported Korea with much cacophony.
The 1-all 'victory' was very lucky indeed.

I lost my voice in the process, but
hey TYG for these memorymaking times!

Tae~ Han Min Gook!

Thursday, June 15, 2006

enjoying the sun

Caff lunch out in the Orchard
with Inkwon and Jinwoo.
Check the O-mok on the Badook board!

Dinner at Darwin College with Dan,
Minkyung nuna, and Sungho hyung.
Thank you Sungho hyung!

Afterwards with Coffee in the gardens.

How good it is to have finished exams!
Praise God!

Saturday, June 10, 2006

bridge jumping, london, garden party crashing, and more big face shots

Jumping the Trinity bridge
(something I always wanted
to do before graduation.)
TYG for this opportunity!

A reformed hamburger
meal with Wei. After a long day
at the US Embassy, I got off
Warren Street and saw Weiming.
All the best with Mo Wei! ;)

With Julie and Shinae at the
Dean's Garden Party in Trinity.
An imposter in more sense than one
(Korean wearing an England T-shirt,
and a Jesuan Physicist at a Garden Party
for Trinitarians.)

The garden party seemed to be a
bit of a legend. Apparently only
those who come first in the year
or those who got deaned
or 3rd year mathmos (as you do)
are invited, but in practice
many people just crash it.

It's in the Fellow's Bowling Green,
a wonderful little patch between
Triniyty Chapel and St John's

Big face shot with Jinwoo

And another one with Injoon

Such memory-making times. TYG!

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

After General Physics paper

The 2005-2006 Part III Physicists
get out on the grass after their last exam.

With Gareth and Christian
(It was a wonderful day for fotos)

This one with Chris and Louise

with Rebekah,


and with Ian. He's the only one
going to America to do PhD along with me
in our year. Going to Princeton to do
'Weather Physics'.

The Paper was very difficult -_-;
But I did as well as I could given my revision
(but I didn't revise that hard!)
Well I thank God. It's all over!


Friday, June 02, 2006

Last week of revision

Capturing a bit of the beauty
that surrounds my room in K Staircase,
Jesus College at this time of the year. TYG!
The bible study small group awaits Sam.
With Catharine, Anna, Sophie and Chris.
We studied Micah 5. Reformed!
TYG for a wonderful passage.
[Straight after operation m.o.m.
(mobile okonomiyaki machine)]
After the study, lying around in the grass
in North Court with Patrick

...and asking 'Uhm, why did we do that again?'
(thanks Chris for taking the photos. Love you!)

TYG for these wonderful random moments