Monday, July 03, 2006

Between Mayball and Graduation

The reading-out of the Mathematics Tripos
Part II and III results from inside the
Senate House. Finally I got to experience this!
(had to get up early to be there by 9am)
Outdoor service with the Korean Open
Church at the Lamma's Land. A wonderful day out
with delcious barbecues.
A wonderful day out to London
with Shinae (evangelistic and all) and a
lovely dinner courtesy of Shinyoung,
Shinae's younger sister
A day trip to Thorpe Park (in Staines!) with
Inkwon, Bomi, and Shinae. This shot of us
thoroughly soaked after the Tidal Wave ride. Awesome.
(not in chronological order--this was before Mayball)

TYG for these wonderful last days
in Cambridge!

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