Saturday, September 30, 2006

Icecreams and Concerts

A cheeky shot with the conductor
Mr Shinik Hahm after the Yale Philharmonia
Concert in Schubert Hall.

One of the many benefits of having
Yale School of Music, I guess!

Hyunchul, Cheon-kang, and Sooho hyung,
among the dozen who came to celebrate
my passing of Qualifying Exam, over some Ashley's
'best-ice-cream-in-Connecticut' Ice cream.
The paper-crown courtesy of Miss Sooan Choi. Thanks!

TYG for this amazing grace
(I really thought I would fail!), and for
the memory-making events!!

One thing I noticed though, was how
a lot of what I do and say here affects
the people's view of Cambridge. Scary? Yes.

It's one-up for the light blues so far.
Please God, give me grace!

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Manifolds and GR

It's hard as nails to learn new concepts
but it's fun. It's what I came here for.

The blackboard (found everywhere
in the Physics department building) is a winning idea.

"Combine curiosity with
intellectual independence." Amartya Sen

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Blair Fame

He looks even younger than I do.
And that's saying something.

I'd heard about Euan coming here
for a Masters in International Relations,
but it was still cool to meet him in person.

I asked him if I could have a foto taken
with him, saying 'my mum would love it so much.'
He was cool with that.

As can be judged from his Liverpool shirt,
Euan's a keen footballer, and he's already
formed a departmental football team.
The name he chose for the team?
'The Pre-emptive Strikers"

Tuesday, September 19, 2006


American-style group workage
in the McDougal centre, with Aaron.

It's good! We discuss any problems or
difficulties we had, compare answers, and
be each other's sounding board. A win-win.

TYG for new friends and
new memory-making experiences!

Thursday, September 14, 2006


At the end of a 'I love New Haven' tour
organised by the Unversity and the City people,
capturing the ecstasy (mostly on my part)
of winning a $50-voucher to J. Crew
(a really posh clothing store)
at a random prize-draw.
I (quite literally) went on to purchase
the headware. The timing was perfect too--
I was just looking for a hat to buy earlier that day.


(Please don't hate me too much
for doing this: I need to do this for the new
profile photo. But why bother changing
the profile photo? I hear you ask..)

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Yale Law School

In the Yale Law School, which is
right next to where I live, I found the
ultimate Trinity College of Yale.
In fact, in some ways it's even more impressive here:
Just check out the tropical fish tank, found in a
study room on the basement floor.

The whole compound,
at five storeys high and three underground, has
the architectural scale of a King's College Chapel,
the extensive collection of a University Library,
and a pervading sense of opulence that, I daresay,
may exceed that of Trinity College.

Now that's saying something.

It's where Bill met Hilary,
and Gerald Ford also went through here.
Lee 'The Case for Christ' Strobel is also a YLS graduate.

But most of all, it's a great place to come and study.
I guess I found my Creswick here.


(if much of what I wrote above doesn't
make any sense to you, don't worry too much:
there were lots of references to all things Cantab.
But you get the general idea.)

Saturday, September 09, 2006

First weeks at Yale

Working out at the Payne Whitney Gym
which is right next to where I live.
Hyunchul lives right next door to me.

The day I got the MacBook from Physics
Dept. ;) TYG

The Korean Table (well except
for Kyohei from Japan next to me)
on the Int Orientation day

With Myunhwa (yes, she's
Chinhwa's older sister!)
after the service at Trinity Baptist.

The senior pastor (as they call them here)
was a past CICCU president, Josh Moody.
Solid church. Reminded me of HTC.

The first weeks at Yale--and how
they've flown!

From London to USA

6am, on 21st August 2006,
ready to hit the road
all the way to America.

Thank you Shinyoung for letting
me use your room!

Arty shot of the London Eye.

At Clown's Cafe with Dan and Shinae.
The cheeky day-trip up to Cambridge
was blessed with many meetings and
a prayer meeting with the Open cnb.

Memories of Korea

With Inkwon, and Ellim, at
Joonang University. We spent an afternoon
there armed with the Four Spiritual Laws
gospel tracts, taking it to the streets.
Although we didn't have any converts,
it was a very fruitful time nonetheless.

We also met the CCC president of the university
(he was one of our victims), and he bought
us a drink and gave us some more newer tracts.


The forest of high-raised residential buildings
of Bundang--and a sight that has become
the norm in urban Korea.
From one of our relative's flat window--
she lives on the 18th floor. Dude.

With IJ, Jahyun, IK and Daniel.
In a Gangnam bunshikjum.
Delicious gimbab and ddukbokki
to end the day.

Taken in front of grandad's grave, with dad.
In Korea, once or twice a year we have Bulcho
where families travel down to their family
cemetry and cut the grass. I hadn't done this in years,
so it was good to catch up with relatives.

The famous Park-fives.
These are by far my wackiest cousins ;)
Shi-won, Hae-eun, Ga-ro, Se-ro and Youngchang.

It was so~ good to see them. TYG.

Family Shots on Jeju Island

Riding the famous Jeju horses
(we got to taste some of them that night too)

On Woo Island. This was
a good trek up a scenic hill;
there was a lighthouse on top of it.

Beach shot (always the best, if you ask me) here we are. It's taken me a while to update
the blog, but from now on I'll make more of an effort.

The two-night-three-days at Jeju was short,
but a much needed and appreciated family-time.

Again 2018~ TYG!