Saturday, September 30, 2006

Icecreams and Concerts

A cheeky shot with the conductor
Mr Shinik Hahm after the Yale Philharmonia
Concert in Schubert Hall.

One of the many benefits of having
Yale School of Music, I guess!

Hyunchul, Cheon-kang, and Sooho hyung,
among the dozen who came to celebrate
my passing of Qualifying Exam, over some Ashley's
'best-ice-cream-in-Connecticut' Ice cream.
The paper-crown courtesy of Miss Sooan Choi. Thanks!

TYG for this amazing grace
(I really thought I would fail!), and for
the memory-making events!!

One thing I noticed though, was how
a lot of what I do and say here affects
the people's view of Cambridge. Scary? Yes.

It's one-up for the light blues so far.
Please God, give me grace!

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