Saturday, September 09, 2006

Memories of Korea

With Inkwon, and Ellim, at
Joonang University. We spent an afternoon
there armed with the Four Spiritual Laws
gospel tracts, taking it to the streets.
Although we didn't have any converts,
it was a very fruitful time nonetheless.

We also met the CCC president of the university
(he was one of our victims), and he bought
us a drink and gave us some more newer tracts.


The forest of high-raised residential buildings
of Bundang--and a sight that has become
the norm in urban Korea.
From one of our relative's flat window--
she lives on the 18th floor. Dude.

With IJ, Jahyun, IK and Daniel.
In a Gangnam bunshikjum.
Delicious gimbab and ddukbokki
to end the day.

Taken in front of grandad's grave, with dad.
In Korea, once or twice a year we have Bulcho
where families travel down to their family
cemetry and cut the grass. I hadn't done this in years,
so it was good to catch up with relatives.

The famous Park-fives.
These are by far my wackiest cousins ;)
Shi-won, Hae-eun, Ga-ro, Se-ro and Youngchang.

It was so~ good to see them. TYG.

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