Sunday, September 10, 2006

Yale Law School

In the Yale Law School, which is
right next to where I live, I found the
ultimate Trinity College of Yale.
In fact, in some ways it's even more impressive here:
Just check out the tropical fish tank, found in a
study room on the basement floor.

The whole compound,
at five storeys high and three underground, has
the architectural scale of a King's College Chapel,
the extensive collection of a University Library,
and a pervading sense of opulence that, I daresay,
may exceed that of Trinity College.

Now that's saying something.

It's where Bill met Hilary,
and Gerald Ford also went through here.
Lee 'The Case for Christ' Strobel is also a YLS graduate.

But most of all, it's a great place to come and study.
I guess I found my Creswick here.


(if much of what I wrote above doesn't
make any sense to you, don't worry too much:
there were lots of references to all things Cantab.
But you get the general idea.)

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