Friday, October 06, 2006

A capella, TA'ing, and Bargain huntin'

With Andre, fellow bass in
the Yale Citations, the mixed A Capella.
A cheeky Thai meal with the group after rehearsal.

I always wanted to sing in an American School
A Capella group. TYG!

Grading the General Physics 150a
Midterm papers with Avanthi.

Alec looking properly Russkian
with that hat on, in Urban Outfitters.

Today they had this 'Broadway Avenue
College Night' where all the shops
on Broadway Ave had a huge sale on.

Alec and I thought we'd check it out.
We didn't get anything as the queue
(that would be the 'line') was so long.

Just capturing little snippets of my everyday life!

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