Friday, October 27, 2006

The Citations @ The Mory's

Afterwards. Note the Tithall Scarf.

Before. With Chris, in front of the Mory's.

With Molly and Lauren, at the 'A Cappella' Table.
The deal is that Mory's feeds us (3 course meal), and
between each course we sing for the others in the restaurant.

The famous 'Mory's Cup', where we pass around
a trophy cup of mixed alcohol and drink from
it in turn. Of course I opted out of this, but
they kindly allowed this cheeky photo-shot with it. ;)

It was while singing 'Scarbourough Fair'
in the upstairs room to a group of Old Yalies
when it suddendly struck me that at that moment
one of my dreams (of becoming a part of an American
School A Cappella and performing with them) was being
realised. I nearly cried. TYG!

And what's special is that I was able
to share this with the group afterwards.

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