Wednesday, October 04, 2006

dig, v.
6. c. slang (orig. U.S.). (a) To understand, appreciate, like, admire; (b) to look at or listen to; to experience. Cf. sense 1c.
(from Oxford English Dictionary Second Edition © 1989 OUP)

The other day a professor,
in the middle of his presentation
on the current research topics in Cosmology,
stopped for a second and asked,

"You guys dig stars, right?"

None of us knew what to say to that.

It was one of those moments
of paradigm-shifting significance.

(I still remember back in 1996 when
I was watching the TV and witnessed Björk
give her famous awards speech:
'Grateful grapefruit.')

I love Americanim sometimes.

So the question is: do I dig stars? In an ideal world,
would I be willing to spend 4-6 years on
Dark Matter and Dark Energy? ;)

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