Sunday, October 01, 2006


A timed-shot with
Hyunchul hyung, Sukjin hyung, and Jiwon nuna.

This could definitely make an album cover;
A Coldplay-esque Korean quartet?!

Or an Asian take on the Friends?
(wait, that's been done already with 남셋여셋..)

It was my first time to the New Haven IKEA store;
I didn't know it could be so much fun!

A winning place to be on a Saturday afternoon.
Thank you Sukjin hyung for the ride!

As well as taking some timed shots with my digicam,
we also bought some furniture at the store--
two trolley-full of them, in fact.

I bought some much-needed chairs and lamps,
(see gimchi blue for a cheeky shot of results)
and also a soap box.

TYG for a really wonderful memory-making time
in the most unlikely places!

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