Friday, December 22, 2006

Catchup 2

Recital at Sprague Hall

Kyungwon's Birthday party at Kudeta's
Teaching Sunday school
Playing Scrabble
At the end of the marathon 9am-4pm
twelve back-to-back presentations of
Course Project with Prof. Michel Devoret.
Mine was first, and was on the
"Fluctuations of the Vacuum Spacetime Metric"

Finally! My first term at Yale is officially over
(I was grading till midnight last night!)

I thank God. It finished with a bang (thankfully
not in the literal sense) with me staying up till 3am
to prepare for my Presentation the next morning
(and thanks be to God that I finally understood
the subject at 1am! Yet another answer to prayer)

My parents are coming to America.
Will join them in JFK and tour the East Coast with them a bit,
and then might join them for a cheeky tour of the West Coast.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006


Group-studying for the Finals with
Carl, Michael, and Peter.

First snow!
(7am, Friday 8th December)
Hot dog with Dounan in Manhattan
(over Thanksgiving break)

Oh Dear it's been so long.
I'll update properly once my finals are over.