Friday, February 09, 2007

Sunmi Chang's Birthday with THE조

With Sukjin, Daniel, Jangwon,
Sunmi, and Hyemi.
For a week-day gathering (Wednesday)
the turnout was pretty impressive.
Sunmi is a virtuoso violinist--just a
few weeks ago she was playing solo
with Yale Phil. We're very proud of her!

Note the balloon decor, ;)


Heavenly Nomad's said...

oh group name is THE조? haha~ looks fun :)

benwylie said...

Hi Joseph, is it your birthday today (9th)? If so, happy birthday! Could you give me Daniel's email address? His Cantab one doesn't work. Could you email it to ben at benwylie dot co dot uk.

Thanks and take care.
Love Ben

Anonymous said...

Hi, I´m an Sunmi´s friend. My name is Miguel, and we have study together in Berlin with Prof. Feltz. I would like to know about her. Please tell it her, and my email: