Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Some Yale Men in China

Stirling Memorial Library
A cheeky shot one crisp morning
after morning prayer.
Although I'm constantly disappointed
by Yale Campus (O Cambridge),
it has its charms.

So I was walking through
Woolsey Passage when I noticed
for the first time all these
plaques remembering Yale
graduates who went on to become
missionaries in China.
Very inspiring.

Here's the rest of them, all digitalised:

In memory of
Horace Tracy Pitkin
Born in 1869 at Philadelphia
in 1888 at Exeter Academy
at Yale College in 1892
and at Union Theological
Seminary in 1896
three years missionary
in China
killed at his post
in Pao Ting Fu
by the Boxers 1 July 1900.
Whosoever shall lose his life
for my sake and the Gospel's
the same shall save it.

In memory of
Francis Jenks Hall
Yale College 1899
Born November 18 1877
Died May 26 1913
in Peking China
Physician Teacher
He sought and found
in service
the reality of life

John Lawrence Thurston
Yale College 1898
A man of vision and courage
Pioneer of the Yale Mission in China
He that doeth the will of God abideth forever

In memory of
Warren Bartlett Seabury
class of 1900
A founder of the
Yale Mission College, Changsha China
Born in Lowell Massachusetts
September 17 1877
Drowned in Kuling July 29 1907
He was not disobedient unto the heavenly vision

In enduring memory of
Arthur Sitgreaves Mann
Class of 1899
Professor in St John's University Shanghai
Born in NYC August 18 1878
Drowned in Kuling China July 29 1907
Greater love hath no man than this that
a man lay down his life for his friend.

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