Friday, September 30, 2011

A Hyper World

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Imagine a hyper world.

A world where teleportation is a reality. A ubiquitous reality.

Much like the way we click a link and are taken instantly to another location on the World Wide Web, imagine a world where we scan a code at the bus stop to be taken straight to the destination.

Or imagine, if you will, a device: a device which, much like when we type in a universal resource locator into the address bar of a web browser, we are taken instantly to the page on  the World Wide Web, when we input the precise location into the device, we are taken straight to the destination.

A world where logistics is a yesterday's problem. A Star-Trek post-scarcity meritocracy where people long live and prosper in perfect harmony.

*     *     *

But really, this reality is not as far-fetched as you think. If, instead of trying to map the World Wide Web to our own world and call it a hyper world, we map it to a virtual world (√† la Second Life), full of avatars and non-player characters, I think you can see quite clearly that without the need for teleportation technology, we can arrive at a massively-multiplayer online role playing game world where each domain is a building, each page a room, and each article, video, and reader/viewer a blackboard, a screen, and a person in the room, interacting with the other visitors and leaving their comments as memorabilia in the room.

*     *     *

Wait. We already do this every day, whenever we surf the Internets.

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