Thursday, November 17, 2011

Project: Bread of Life Evangelism, Part 1

So back in September, (or it could have been in late August, I forget) I heard this sermon on tape on the way to church. At the beginning of the sermon, the preacher asked, "what is your number one desire of the heart right now?"

What is my number one desire of the heart, right at this moment?

Hold that thought.

* * *

The preacher went on to say, (and this was the main shocker) that the deepest desires of most Christians today are not in alignment with the desire of the God they serve. Christians who profess to serve a Father in heaven, those who signed on to seek first His Kingdom and righteousness, are not at all interested in His one big passion: proclamation of the Gospel and the salvation of man through faith in Jesus.

Sure, we are good at paying lip service when asked "what is your vision in life?" Years of church going have trained us to give the right textbook answers to that question. But does it really reflect what we desire and want more than anything else right now?

I felt quite convicted. I remember sitting in the car and asking God, "Please, God: may the desires of my heart become in line with yours. Because right now, they are not."

What begun three months ago as a prayer and a resolution to "put God first" ended up becoming a two-month long project in door-to-door evangelism, what I would like to call "The Bread of Life Evangelism Project".

Part 1: Scope
I live in an apartment building in Korea. If that sentence doesn't mean much to you, maybe the following picture will help:
Apartments in Korea by Boichi

The apartment neighbourhood where I live has twelve apartment buildings in total, and each building has between 70~108 separate households living in it. That's about 1,000 households in my immediate neighbourhood.

Here's a layout to help you picture it. Note the nearby Presbyterian church building in the North-East corner:

Layout of my neighbourhood courtesy of Daum maps

The project's scope was set: I would personally visit each of the ~1,000 households in my neighborhood and tell them about the Good News of Lord Jesus Christ. Plus, I would encourage them to try out the Sunday services at the neighbourhood Presbyterian church.

Just exactly how to do this, and what to say... is for the next part.

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