Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Joshua first moments. (Videos)

Our first son, Joshua, arrived safely on 9th August 2013. The past 20 days have been a blur; days and nights at the Yale-New Haven Children’s Hospital. But we have been filled with such peace. So many people supported us and Joshua with prayer. It's been a true blessing.

Here's Joshua about one hour after birth. I’ve read about babies being really alert about one or two hours after birth, and then going back to sleep-eat-sleep mode for the rest of their baby-hood. I’m glad I got to catch this precious moment. (Click below for more videos)


This was taken at the Neonatal ICU. He's all wired up for close-monitoring.

We are now in the Pediatric ICU. He's such a sweet little boy.

This was when he was one week old.

Mother is reading him the Kid’s Bible, sent from Korea by his aunt.

Taken at day ten. The calm before the surgery.


This is right after the open-heart operation. The surgery was a success.

Another video of Joshua, all tubed up. Slowly coming around for full recovery.

Towards Full Recovery.

After a swift recovery, we are discharged from the Pediatric ICU. Getting some foot massage from me.

Still at hospital, playing under mobile.

Discharged and Back Home!

Back home, one week after surgery. Doctors were all surprised at the speed of his recovery. He seems much calmer at home.

Another video. Taken and narrated by his grandma Teresa. (Most of these videos were!)

A couple of days after discharge. Playing under the mobile.

And here's Joshua after a bath.

And another one playing under the floor mobile. Thanks to the Anzardi’s for this gift!

On Day 25, playing with mum.

Another one on Day 25, playing with granny.

Day 28. Handsome boy.

Day 29. In a happy mood.


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